“2014 World’s Best Daughter” 


Projector, room decorations: (shelf, “2014 World’s Best Daughter” trophy and certificate, family portrait, “Join or Die” flag, cactus, white candle), Skype
Duration: 40 minutes

Communication serves as the bridge that connects one being to another. Growing up with language barriers between my parents, conversations were minimal, emotions were repressed, and many heavy emails were sent (specifically from “my iPad”).
Skype in this performance functioned as the (still disconnected) catalyst to communicate with my parents my departure from their expectations.
This performance was a blind live Skype piece with my mother. There was a seemingly genuine mock up of my bedroom, while my mother was projected on the opposite wall in front of an audience during the call.
My father sent an email days after the performance, denouncing his faith in me and my decisions.