“A Toast to Silliness, Softness, Sliminess, & Selfies”

The Yellow Room, FAB Gallery Richmond, VA, 2017 (Collaboration With Egbert Vongmalaithong)

Cucumber goggles, spray bottles with peppermint oil infused water, uline magazines, electric blanket, soft boiled eggs, bananas, blender, styrofoam ice box of ice with an ice tray of ice, peanut butter, selfie light
Duration: 20 minutes

1. Wandering
HG is wearing a long-sleeved top with cucumber goggles, and Egbert is wearing a light blue, fitted tank top with spilling blue trousers. They both have slick, glistening skin and wet hair. Very moisturized. HG and Egbert are acquainting themselves with the space and audience. They aimlessly walk about, every now and then misting themselves with a bottle of essence-infused water.

2. Peeling
HG is preparing a peanut butter banana smoothie and Egbert is warm in a blanket with two soft boiled eggs. The distance from smoothie station to electric blanket is pretty close but still understood as separate.
HG is peeling bananas with her feet as Egbert tenderly cracks one soft boiled egg while reciting a poem, Lessons from Ma.

3. Smoothie Time
HG has prepared all of the ingredients to make this smoothie. She has transported the bananas with her feet into the blender, churned the peanut butter, transported the ice cubes with her tongue, etc… We start the blender. HG recites her poem, 10 Crumbled Napkins.

HG and Egbert make a toast. A toast to SOFTNESS, SLIME, SOMETHING, SSSSHHHHHH, TRASHY, MASHY, MELLOW, MOONS, MILK, etc… They list seemingly disparate words until out of breath and finally drink their smoothies with loud gulping sounds.
A bright selfie-light emerges from Egbert’s pocket. He clips it onto his cellphone to take a selfie with HG. The camera click sound effect cues Thomas to play Cher’s Do You Believe in Life after Love. This emerges into a small dance party.