PARK HYUN GI////////////////////////////

Park Hyun Gi is a Korean American artist born in Bryan, TX. Park obtained her BFA in Sculpture + Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University (2017) in Richmond, VA.

Park’s work is strongly influenced by her bicultural identity as a Korean woman growing up in America. Her research is on the differences between ritual and routine, the structures of a ritual, and ritualizing a routine. This manifests into performances, which are fictionalized rituals she creates by incorporating both the ideas of traditional Eastern rituals and Western new age health trends (oil pulling, juicing, kombucha, etc.) that are whitewashing and capitalizing off of Eastern cultures. These performances are aimed to exercise ritualistic acts as a healing process, from personal traumas, relationships between cultural gaps from immigrant parents and their children, or the oppression of Eastern cultures in America.

Hyun Gi crafts experimental incense (from herbs, blood, spit, etc.) to utilize during a performance as cleansing of a space, a measurement of time, and consumption of the burned incense. The use of talismans, as objects created with intention and energy, are activated by consuming and transferring energies. She creates her own talismans, with an online generator to create sigils from charged words or phrases (emails of her disownment from her parents) and then tattooed onto oranges. Oranges in this ritual serves as not only altarpieces, but an object used in juicing, an object tattoo artists practice on, and as a feminine object resembling a breast that adopts the role of a surrogate mother.

Her practice is conceptual, yet is heavily involved in site, charged objects, and interaction- balancing sensory stimulations and considerations of environment. These ideas and gestures are integrated in her rituals to serve as reactionary entities to change a state of being.

/Birthday: August 18, 1995
/Sign: Leo (Rising- Leo, Moon- Taurus)
/Chinese Zodiac: Wood Boar
/Ethnicity: South Korean
/Born: Bryan, Texas
/Raised: Raleigh, NC
/Currently Living: Brooklyn, NY 
/Attended: Virginia Commonwealth University | Sculpture + Extended Media 2017
/Handedness: Left
/Lucky Number: 8
/Favorite Beverage: Genmaicha Green Tea