“HYUN GI Presentation”

CVLLEJERX, S1, Portland, OR, 2018

HYUN GI handmade garments and accessories, tabi shoes, New Rock boots, safety glasses, HYUN GI tags, tattooed oranges, juicer, plastic cups, knife.
Models: Coco Madrid, Maya Vivas, Lu Yim
Duration: 20 minutes

This was a fashion performance presentation displaying my garments for CVLLEJERX. Each model is dressed in HYUN GI garments and accessories while performing a continuous assembly line. Coco cuts each tattooed orange in half at her station and transports the halves to Maya where they will juice them. Maya pours the juice into rows of cups lined up in front of Lu, where they will give the audience cups of juice to drink- a gift. The ritual nature of the assembly line becomes more and more haphazard as cups fall and juice spills everywhere.

(The tattooed oranges were all tattooed by the facilitators of the event and the models as a skill share)