“Lunar New Year Performance”

The Yellow Room, FAB Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2017

Oranges, jars of herbs, talismans (pujok), incense sticks, handmade incense cones: (hair, spit, blood, herbs, mokkoh powder, sandalwood), knife, cutting board, comb, mirror, handmade ceramic dragon cup, glass fish bowl, jar of elixir: (spit, orange residue spit, herbs, honey), candles, chest
Duration: 1 hour
Credit: Junoh Yu (photo+video)

Every Lunar New Year I receive a talisman from my grandmother and burn the previous one. This was a performance for the Lunar New Year about cleansing, healing, and consumption. To cleanse the space I scrubbed the walls with oranges, licked the juice, and collected the spit to make an elixir. Cleansing the space even further I placed incense sticks in between my fingers until they burned my skin.

                  Pain is meditation.
                  Pain is praying.

Handmade incense cones were burning as I was making incense cones out of my hair, blood, spit, and herbs. The audience was consuming me, as I consumed the elixir with the talisman ashes.