“Tropicana Breast Pump”

White Noise Seoul, Seoul, South Korea, 2018

Oranges, coconut oil packets, massage table, candles, incense sticks, tattoo needle, red ink, talismans (pujok), traditional Korean knife (women would carry for protection against assault and to commit suicide), herbs, dried fish, cups of beans and rice, bowls, headlamp, jeogori (hanbok top), plastic bags, handmade hat by Carl Yoon
Duration: 40 minutes

A ritual of maternal displacement AKA mommy issues, this was a performance exploring the idea of a surrogate mother. I cleansed the space with incense sticks between my fingers and then warmed up solidified coconut oil packets between my hands. I began stick and poke tattooing talismans onto oranges for protection. Oranges as objects for altarpieces, objects for tattoo artists to practice on, objects used in juicing (western new age health routines), and as my surrogate mother- portraying a breast, providing nutrition. While tattooing each orange (3x), I routinely oil pull with coconut oil in my mouth (another western new age health trend) and then spit it into a bowl. After each orange is tattooed I place them in the plastic bags hanging from the ceiling, I juice them in the bags and puncture them with a traditional Korean knife (that women would carry for protection against assault and to commit suicide). I spit the juice into an elixir to ingest the inky juice, consuming the energy of the talisman and the nutrition from my surrogate mother.

Fruit of labour
Fruit of your loins
Maternal displacement
A breast so full
Spilled milk
Sour milk
Rotten milk

Almond milk